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Traditional dates


1 hour                 $800
  90 minutes               $1000           2 hours             $1200 
  3-hours               $1500 

For Incall pricing, please add +$100 to outcall rates (this applies to dates 6 hours or less).

Dates w
ill take place at an upscale location until rapport has been established.

Please note that in-date extensions are an additional +$500 per hour. Suitors tend to be pleasantly surprised with how quickly our time together feels. Please plan accordingly ♡

Social dates
Public Recreation

Let's get to know one another at a slower pace.

1-hour   $500
2-hour   $600
3-hours   $700
4-hours   $800 

My rates are for time/companionship.


Extended dates

⧝Lasting Memories⧝

4-hours              $2000  

6-hours               $3000

My favorite minimum date length.

12-15 hours         $5000

A Full Day + A Full Night                     24 hours   $7000

A 24-hour date package includes a complimentary 15-minute video consultation after screening information and deposits are received.

Dates longer than a full day (24 hours) are rare- but will be tailored to our particular needs.


Please inquire about bespoke rates.


I enjoy longer dates as they allow us the time to create a greater sense of rapport lending to the ultimate comfort of not having to rush. A sense of ease makes for an optimal time. I value cultivating intimate, lasting memories and connections. 


Please note, FMTY requires a six-hour minimum booking and up to a 50% deposit depending on location. ​

  • I adore a well-planned proposal & suitors who are logistic; I don't mind having a hand in planning our time together but please have a rough itinerary for our FMTY when sending the introduction email. 

  • Travel expenses must be included alongside the booking deposit. 

  • Travel expenses include roundtrip airfare/train ticket/rental car expenses. Transportation costs from/to the airport to meet you. Transportation & travel costs are to be paid via gift cards.

  • For shorter flights, I ask for Comfort +/Business Select. If the flight is longer, I ask for first class. 


Please note, for dates 24 hours in length please include 7-hours of uninterrupted sleep & a strong cup of coffee upon waking. Bonus if we both have our own adjoining rooms for a bit of hygienic privacy.


Please complete my booking form in its entirety to inquire.


Would you like assistance with the booking process? Please email with the subject line "Consultation".  


Phone Consultation Call



Video Chat Consult


*Prior screening necessary

Cancelations: If you are unable to make our date, I ask that you notify me no less than 24 hours prior to our scheduled date to avoid the cancelation fee. The cancelation fee is 50% of the cost of the canceled date. The cancelation fee is required in order to remain in good standing. If for some reason I need to cancel, I'll refund the deposit in-full. 


It should go without saying, but if at any time during our date I feel unsafe the booking will be immediately terminated without a refund. Thank you.


Are you wanting to charm my skirt off? Flying me to you, traveling together, personalized gifts & tips are sure ways to have a place in my heart. Imagine- my stomach is full of butterflies as the plane departs; longing soon to be in your arms. Surrendering to the insoluble, felt connection privy only to us- a union beyond compare.  Traveling quenches my curious, playful, and adventurous nature. Traveling and intimate connection are ultimate source of inspiration. 

⧝Fly Me to You⧝

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