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The Surrealist Movement is My Guiding Light. Here's Why:
Written by: Natalie Cara  

"The great defense force protecting us against an atmosphere of a world fashioned by centuries of idolatrous worship of money and the gods is LOVE which takes lovers into an enchanted domain made exactly to their measure and admirably protected by solitude." -Magritte, La Ligne de Vie


A silhouette of a man, in place of his anatomical body, is a blue sky & white clouds. 


A large rock adorned with a castle hovering over a choppy oceanfront. 


Two women- the same woman clasping hands; One wearing traditional European dress, the other in her native clothing. The viewer can see the exposed hearts of the two figures, both sharing an artery. The traditional figure holding scissors cuts the artery, while the natively dressed figure clasps a locket of her lover when he was a child.


These images provide onlookers with an intense reaction being the subject matter is strange. They take on even more power when the context is provided. 


Both Magritte and Kahlo experienced intense pain during their early lives. Like all surrealists, they were critics of modern life, conventionalism, war, fascism, idolatrous worship of god(s), money & exploitation of the working class. They both prioritized freedom, love, and childlike wonder innately embedded within the enigmas of life. 


Conventionalism and traditionalism stifle; deprioritizing novelty or critical thinking. At the heart, they limit who and how one can participate in all fields of thought. 

Nearly all new art forms have been met with criticism, take Manet's Olympia, Millet's Angelus, & Courbet's work. 


Surrealism has viewers question common sense: the essence of an object and an object's abstract existence when out of context with their real-world purposes. Surrealism challenges reality & reminds us of how mysterious existence is. 


Similar to Magritte, this mystery and wonder take me back to the magic of childhood.


The ambiguity of surrealist work challenges one to find meaning for themself rather than relying on expert opinion. 


I've learned to trust my tastes without depending on The Other to dictate how I feel.


Are rarity, authenticity, and uniqueness prioritized? Or is value a currency only given by main-stream thought?


Are we truly free if we rely on main-stream thought to guide our temporary existence- our likes, dislikes, dress, food, love, sex, entertainment, etc.? 


True freedom is limitless and provides joy not found within dependence. 


Surrealist art "confirms my faith in the unknown possibilities of life. All these unknown things which are coming to light convince me that our happiness too depends on an enigma inseparable from man and that our only duty is to try to grasp this enigma" (Magritte, La Ligne de Vie).

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