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I believe in the intensity of first impressions.  I do my best to be prepared for our time together. In addition to reading my website, investing in me by way of gifting me an item from my Wishlist leads to increased excitement for our time together. I adore receiving useful and personalized gifts as tangible tokens of your affection. Gifts and cash tips are never expected but always deeply cherished & act of divine care. Your kindness will be eternally cherished.

You can discreetly invest in me by ordering my wishlist items via WishTender. Wishtender will ship directly to me. You of course will receive a personalized gift of gratitude from yours truly.


My favorite luxury gift is gold. 



Blick Art, Artist & Craftsman Supply Kansas City, Indigo Wild, World Market, Vince, Nordstrom, Solstice Intimates, Reformation, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales. World Market (their candles are divine). 


High-end seafood, steakhouse, sushi & vegetarian/vegan restaurants. I enjoy artisan dark chocolates & medium/dark roast whole-bean coffee.


I adore candles. Rose, Lavendar, Lilac, Sandalwood, Creosote, Chamomile, and Hemp; I adore earthy scents. Candels from World Market are favorites. 


I love all flowers + houseplants but I especially love pothos, lilacs, lavendar, gardenia, roses and sunflowers.  

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