Natalie Cara


 I value safety, hygiene, and good health. I have been vaccinated (i.e., COVID-19), including receiving the booster. 

Kindness and courtesy are the ultimate aphrodisiacs; in order to ensure the highest quality experience please honor my basic guidelines.

Screening Verification


I value expressing myself authentically, including having an active social media, website, and verified advertisement. I require some basic information to meet. 


Please choose two (2) of the below screening options:


1) A clear selfie (photo) of your face while you hold your driver's license, passport, or government-issued identification; I must be able to clearly see your face, I.D. photo, and your full name on the I.D. card- you may cover up all other information. 


2) Employment Verification (please choose one of the options below to verify your employment):

  • A photo of your work badge (your name & photo must be visible but all other information may be covered if you please)

  • A link to your active LinkedIn- A "connection" request will be sent to a blank LinkedIn profile I use for verification purposes.

  • Work email address or work telephone number; I will discretely seek employment verification this way- for additional option see below.

  • Link to your work website where your name & photo are publicly listed

  •  You may send a blank message to an unaffiliated email of mine from your work account. I will not respond, this is only for verification.  

3) One additional form of real-world identification 

I highly value our discretion. Your information will be securely and discretely handled, as well as promptly disposed of following the completion of the screening process. I'm comfortable signing an NDA if your situation requires additional discretion. Please note, the above screening verification is non-negotiable; If you are unable to provide my verification requirements, we will not be able to meet. 





Dates require a 15% deposit with multiple payment options available. All deposits are non-refundable.


Cancelations: If you are unable to make our date, I ask that you notify me no less than 24 hours prior to our scheduled date to avoid the cancelation fee. The cancelation fee is 50% of the cost of the canceled date. The cancelation fee ensures you remain in good standing. If for some reason I need to cancel, I will refund your deposit in-full. mail from 

Etiquette upon arrival 



When meeting, please discreetly have the patronage in an unsealed envelope, book, or gift bag and set it down within obvious eyesight. Shortly after arrival, please indulge me and unwind by taking a warm shower- it truly makes for a comforting atmosphere. I can't resist good hygiene. 


I'm a no-review companion. Though, I adore receiving private emails/letters after our date. I highly value our discretion.