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5'3" Mystical Enchantress. Ornately Tattooed. Occasional Prairie Nymph and Timeless Maiden.  

Full-Service Dates

Fireplace Cuddle (outcall)-90 min                    $800
In Velvet (dinner + outcall) - 3hr                                               $1000
Bed of Roses (activity + dinner + outcall)- 4hr                           $1500

Social Dates

Hot Cider & Cherry Pie (please note, social date only)- 2hr                               $400
Pumpkin Patch Caress (please note, social date only)
- 3hr                             $500

Online Service 

Autumn Spice (Custom 10-minute JOI Video)                                  $300
A custom sensual JOI guide video for you by me.
Following screening & purchase of this package, you will be 
sent a brief questionnaire to customize your video. 

Honeyed-Words (4-weeks of daily texting)                            $900
This package is for the person who'd like to stay in-touch by sharing daily conversation. For example, this may include daily "good morning"/"good evening" texts, honeyed words, daily touch-in's, cultural reflection, deeper conversation, &/or photo exchanges. Once you pay for this package, you'll be sent a brief questionnaire to co-collaborate on a daily-texting structure that best fits our lives. Please note, we both have busy schedules, as such we must hold grace and understanding that some days may be sparser in conversation than others.   

Cozy Autumn  Specials 

"Life loves the liver of it." -M. Angelou
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