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⧝ Favorites 

Painters: Goya, Leonora Carrington, Artemisia Gentileschi, Caravaggio, Jusepe de Ribera, Rene Magritte, Peter Paul Rubens.

Literature:  Dostoyevsky, Henry Miller, Jean Genet, Burroughs, Jean Rhys, Ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Clarice Lispector.

Favorite poets: Nicanor Para & Rainer Maria Rilke

Topics of Interest/Activities:  The esoteric. Cooking and Baking. Painting. Writing. Meditation. Visualization. Yoga. Dancing. Being surrounded by nature and large bodies of water. Sewing & Design. Folklore & Archetypes. Art History (especially Italian Renaissance & Baroque), Mysticism. Spirituality & the Occult. Analytical Psychology. 

Directors: Kubrick, Noé, Jodorowsky, Lynch, Tarantino, Refn, Ari Aster.

Metal: Gold

⧝ Reveries and Date Ideas  


Dinner. National Park Visits (Rocky Mountain, Sonoran, Arches & Joshua Tree). Plant shopping. Book Store Meandering. Antique Shop Quest. Experimental Movie Showing. Musuems. Picnic. Architecture Quest. Salt Deprivation Tank. Bathhouse. Spa. Couple's Massage. Nail Date. Wine/Scotch Tasting. Pottery Class. Cooking Class. Comedy Show. Opera. Theater. Anything Related to the Occult. 

'My life is my poetry. My lovemaking is my legacy. 
I am found to those who seek after me.'

I'm an acolyte of chance- a believer that something of the divine brought us together.
Nothing provides me with more pleasure than authentically connecting with others. Above all else, I love connecting with someone over a meal- hearing your voice, moving hands, & sharing eye contact. My eternal truth: intimate connection is the key to happiness. 

When you're in my presence, you'll hold all of my attention. I'm so grateful for the generosity & chivalry of my suitors. Let me show you gratitude & absolute ease during our time together. 

Imagine: The day has come. We're meeting. We're both brimming with anticipation. You spot me: soft curves. perfect proportions. petite frame. thick brunette hair. root beer-colored eyes. Your expectations of me have been exceeded. Then we share demure laughs. inquisitive banter. teasing and light caresses.

We share an intentional, yet whimsical experience- perhaps a visit to the spa or an experimental film; then off to savor a coffee and dessert. Until we decide to retreat for more privacy.

You'll be met with utmost grace. 
Springtime '23

Reading my website, specifically the Decorum page makes a great first impression. Want to go above & beyond? See my Wishlist page

Alternative Luxury Companion.  5'3" Mystical Enchantress. Ornately Tattooed. Timeless Maiden Bearing Existential Clarity.
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